The EFLS is an arena of information, communication and participation

The EFLS systematically leads information campaigns about  social isolation and the role of local solidarity in fighting it. These campaigns are meant to reach both the decision makers and the institutions in order to incorporate them in the process but also the citizens themselves as they are the prime actors of the creation of social bonds in neighbourhoods. The ultimate aim is thus to develop a true spirit of solidarity which would also lead to concrete actions.

For local solidarity to truly function, certain values - such as brotherhood and mutual care - are to be entered in the daily lives of people. To teach the importance of these values, the EFLS has developed communication operations specifically orientated towards children as tomorrow they will be the main actors of local solidarity.

The EFLS also continuously provides information on politics (of all levels: EU, national and local) and on actions which deal with the different themes  on which it works so that its members and anyone interested in its actions could obtain complete and up-to-date information. 

Finally, the EFLS is also a platform where European citizens can get involved and where they can meet each other so as to develop better ways of living together and means to counteract social exclusion.

Through exchanges, social platforms and distribution of information, the EFLS puts forward the notions of solidarity, friendliness and brotherhood thus enhancing the comprehension of European values.

On Tuesday, 9th of July 2013 the EFLS organised an international seminar in Paris on "Local solidarity, a tool for the promotion of social cohesion''. The seminar gathered the EFLS's French and foreign partners by providing them the opportunity to exchange on good neighbourly and community practises to enhance social cohesion and solidarity.