The EFLS is above all an overseer of a European project

The EFLS organises Neighbour's Day every year on the last  Friday of May (

The simplicity and festive character of this event have quickly made it a part of everyday life of many citizens. Furthermore, it is the citizens themselves who are the real actors of this event.

The EFLS seeks to develop this project i.e. give it publicity in the media, spread it all over Europe and study its positive results by collecting experiences from participants in different countries. 

This is why the EFLS has built a network of partners in member states and regions and issues communication tools in order to spread information about Neighbour's Day, which has become a core element in the creation of European citizenship.

The EFLS supports actions and projects

Furthermore, number of actions and projects on the short and long run are launched every day at various levels by different actors, yet in the same spirit as that of the EFLS and with the same vision of strengthening social bonds. Hence, the EFLS supports those actions and projects by different means: expertise sharing, technical help, partnerships, etc.

In 2009, EFLS has decided to associate with the foundation of Novartis enterprises in the context of Assises nationales de la proximologie ( This collective operation of consultation and reflection will take place all over France from the autumn of 2009 until the spring of 2010. It will gather together different actors of the health sector to create concrete and innovate recommendations for promoting the role of intimates in our health care system.

The EFLS is also a social lab

On the basis of thinking and various surveys, new social experiments are constantly launched. These experiments are in accordance with the objectives and values of the EFLS.  They also match the evolutions of the European society and its needs in terms of social cohesion.

These labs of local solidarity give the possibility to later value the development opportunities of such experiments on a larger scale so that they may eventually become permanent elements in the everyday life of European citizens.

Last but not least, the EFLS is an observatory of local solidarity

With the information provided by its members, partners and all the participants of its projects, the EFLS can gather a database and give an analysis of the evolution of local solidarity in the different Member States and regions of the European Union.

The EFLS is a network which acts as a platform enabling partner organizations to work together with no interference in the management of their project by EFLS. Partner organizations thus remain independent vis-à-vis the EFLS.